Composition of Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Ventilation System

1.Eurostars air handling unit and air handler features1) Complying with above China Standard2) Choose best materials, main components are from China top brand or imported.3) The modular casing design, easy interchanging each other. easy install, easy transport, easy maintenance.4, Unique no-cold-bridge design, improve the insula

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1.Eurostars air handling unit and air handler features
1) Complying with above China Standard
2) Choose best materials, main components are from China top brand or imported.
3) The modular casing design, easy interchanging each other. easy install, easy transport, easy maintenance.
4, Unique no-cold-bridge design, improve the insulation and air tightness, total air leak rate ≤2.5%;
5) With dynamic balanced double inlet Centrifugal fan, with good air dynamic features, and accurate working, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise etc.
6) High efficient heat exchanger coil, ensure to provide the enough cooling capacity to the unit. And also high efficient breakwater panel is provided if required, water flow in coil ≤3×10-4kg/kg
7) Strong structure, good looking and permanent color.
8) Reasonable inside structure, with the suitable space for maintenance and cleaning.
9) Casing sheet: Provide double-skin construction constructing Sandwich type comprising 0.5mm thick galvanized internal and external skins and with 30mm thick polystyrene insulation of minimum 45kg/m3 density. Good airproof material is use between the casing and the frame to reduce the rate of the air leak.
10) The combined air handling units are modular designed ,each modular can be used independently and can also work together and company with fan coil units to add refresh air. Not only reduce operation costs and energy saving, but also optimize air quality and create a cognitive indoor space to meet the human health requirements

2.Eurostars Air handler,air handling unit, ahu application
EUROSTARS air handling unit can cool, dry, heat, humidify, filter and purify air with silencer function. It can be widely applied in the places where the air needs to be conditioned in a centralized way, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and stadiums, as well as other purification air-conditioning places, such as hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical, tobacco, food, precision instruments manufacturing rooms.

3.Air handler technical data, Assembly drawing diagram and photo
Horizontal Air Handling Unit(Return Air Condition-6 Rows)
ModelAir Flow  Total
Power InputReturn Air
Cooling CapacityHeating CapacityWater Flow Water ResistanceWater inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
  1. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled water in/out:7ºC /12ºC;
  2. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Hot water in: 60ºC.
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
4.Eurostars air handling unit , air handler range or series
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air handling unit
-Horizontal concealed air handling unit
-Vertical concealed air handling unit
-Vertical exposed air handling unit
-Modular Modulus Air Handling Unit-multi-function air handling unit
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
5.Components-air handling unit or air handler

--The housing that contains all the other components of an AHU is usually make of metal, some are painted to prevent corrosion.
In sections where the fans and the coil are located, 1-2 inches of polyurethane foam or PU is used to insulate them to prevent the condensation on the panel.Drain pan is also used as a precaution in the event of condensation of water.
--Penta-post extra heavy gauge aluminum profiles and strong fiber-reinforced PE corner connection forming the structural  frame
--superior mechanical strength and rigidity to the unit frame and to prevent any buckling or deformation
--Thermal bridge free design, the profiles filled with polyurethane foam for insulation
--Anodizing surface treatment for profiles, corrosion-resistant
--Stainless steel frame available
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Centrifugal fan is used to circulate the air to the various parts of the sections in the building.The typical types of fan available are Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Forward Curved and Airfoil.

The selection of the fan will depend on the air volume and the static pressure required of the system.Usually, the designer of the system will use a specialized software to do this selection.

In order to reduce the effect of vibration on the panel, the motor and the fan are usually installed on the vibration isolator except when the drive assembly is external to the fan casing.

In recent years, the use of variable air volume (VAV) system is becoming more popular as the volume of the air being discharged can be varied depending on the load condition.If the load is high, the fan speed will be higher and if the load is lower, the speed of the fan will be lower.

The speed of the fan is varied by using frequency inverter instead of conventional motor such as PSC motor.Frequency inverter provides better control of the fan speed as a whole range of fan speed from super low to super high can now be utilized based on the load conditions required.

This technology has enabled better use of energy and is in tandem with the move to go for greener energy.
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Vibration Eliminator
• To reduce the transmission of vibration and noise, fan and motor are installed on an independent complete base frame
• The complete base frame is isolated by deflection type spring isolators
• This unique structure not only reduce the vibration and noise, but also protect fan and motor during transportation

Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil is used to cool and dehumidify the air.Both DX (direct expansion) cooling and CW (chilled water) cooling coils are available for use depending on the system design.

These coils are arranged in rows with different fin spacing.Aluminum fins and copper tubes are used in the design of the coils.The corrosion resistance hydrophilic fins are also used due to its lower cost and lower resistance to the air velocity.

Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Filters are to remove particles and contaminants of various sizes from the air.The type of air filter being used will very much depend on the application of the system.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in shape and provides a minimum low efficiency filtration which is acceptable to the air conditioning industry.The high velocity filter is arranged vertically whereas the low velocity filter is arranged in V shape.Typical air velocity that moves through the filters is in the range of 2-3 m/s.
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Stainless Steel Drain Pan
• Slop type design, no drain water carryover and keep the pan dry
• Avoid the micro-organisms growth inside the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is offered as option
• SteriTouch technology Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial surface
• Good exterior durability and corrosion resistance
• Excellent adhesion
• Non-toxic, comply with BS476 part 7
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Electrical control cabinet(optioanl)
•According to the requirements and functions of the unit to design the control console or cabinet
•Auto control each section of the unit to make sure the temperature, humidity and cleaness
•High quality and international brand electrical elements
•DDC and PLC available

6.Why choose us?
Eurostars offers Services:
•System Design
•Technical support
•Customized manufacturing
•General testing before delivery
•Spare parts supply according to order quantity
•Long warranty period
•OEM service available
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
Q:What are the differences between an air conditioner and an air handler?
Air handlers are an important part of your overall HVAC system, but they are not the complete air conditioning system.

An air handler is responsible for housing the equipment necessary to move air through your home or business.In most cases, it is located inside and operates both the heating and cooling systems.Air handlers look like a furnace, and are sometimes even mistaken for one.Air handlers can be made to work with a heat pump or air conditioner.It includes the indoor coil, which depending on the setting your system is running on, is used for both heating and cooling.

Air conditioning units include the condenser and are usually kept outside of your home or business.Air conditioners actively pull heat out of the building through a variety of components configured together, and then this hot air is redirected outside.Throughout the process, air moves through the system via return ducts and over a refrigerant coil.Instead of adding cold air to the room, which is what it feels like, the system is actually just pulling hot air out and then recirculating the same air (without the heat) back into the building.

8.Customer visit us
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
9.Air handling unit,air handler delivery or container loading
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
10.Installation instruction or installation photo, project photos
---1. During installation, enough space should be reserved around the unit, especially aside the access door and water pipe, for the repair machine passing. 
---2. The unit should be mounted on flat base (concrete or welded C-channel).  Drainages are available around the base.
---3. Floor drain should be set in the machine room for the discharge of condensing water and washing water.
---4.Pay attention to condensing water discharging; to ensure the condensing water discharge smoothly.
---5. The unit should be installed on a horizontal platform or hanger.  After the unit is installed, connect the kinds of pipes and ducts:
A. The chilled water pipe connection with cooling coil;
B. The condensing water drain pipe connection;
C. Humidifier pipes connection;
D. The connection for the fresh/return air inlet with its air ducts;
E. The wiring connection for the control box.
When connecting the air duct, 100-150mm flexible connection (airtight canvas or artificial leather cloth) should be set between flange and air inlet/outlet, to avoid the air leakage caused by the unit vibration.

The control box normally is installed on the unit cabinet or in the machine room. Please make the wiring according to the related electrical regulation by your country.
Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems
---6.After all water pipe, wirings and air duct are correctly connected, the air handling unit can be started.
[ !]The first time starting should be instructed by an experienced person at site, non-experienced person can't operate the equipment without permit.  The defect caused by misuse shall not be our obligation;
[ !] Before first time starting, please remove the temporary fixing plate from the fan and motor;
[ !] The power and voltage supply must be compatible with the unit.  After connecting the power to the motor, start motor first, then check the running direction of the fan. If it is running in opposite direction, please stop and change the phase sequence, then connect the power to motor finally. If there is protection device on the supply fan motor, the motor raring should be connected to ground.  The motor in this unit use "reduced voltage starting".
---7. Adjustment of the driving belt
---8. Before moving the unit, please fasten the damping device.  Putting down should be slowly to make sure that the damping device is forced evenly to protect the damping device.  The connection between damping device and the unit should not be by welding

Make up Clean Fresh Air Handling Unit Resh Air Ventilation Systems


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