CE certified axial fans for mine ventilation and tunnel ventilation

Environmentally-friendly type FBD (type II) Mine Isolated Explosion Type Press-in Axial Flow Local Fan(low noise and side air in-let design patented)  FunctionsMine ventilation plays an important role in the mining industry. It\'s the element guarantee for the mine production.1) Underground mine ventilation continuousl

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Environmentally-friendly type FBD (type II) Mine Isolated Explosion Type Press-in Axial Flow Local Fan
(low noise and side air in-let design patented)
Ce Certified Axial Type Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation



Mine ventilation plays an important role in the mining industry. It's the element guarantee for the mine production.

1) Underground mine ventilation continuously provides a flow of fresh air to the underground working area.

2) Underground mine ventilation provides workers with sufficient volume of air and to dilute and remove noxious gases and mine dust (typically NO, SO2, methane, CO2 and CO).

3) Underground mine ventilation creates good working environment, guarantee the health and safety of underground workers.

By In-depth analysis of the use of local fan fans in underground coal mines, and on-site analysis of the noise generated by the fans, confirmed that the current local fan noise is mainly derived from the radiated noise generated by the frictional noise of air at the air inlet. A variety of noise reduction designs are proposed for this situation The solution, after a long period of repeated trials and verifications, finally determined the most effective and cost-effective noise reduction solution-the side air inlet structure design of the air inlet.

The side air inlet design concept breaks through the original design idea of the fan, so that the air flow follows the curve of the streamlined guide cap, merges with the side air flow and presses into the noise reduction and noise reduction device from the circumferential direction. Part of the reflected noise is sucked in by the guide cap and the guide muffler cone, and the wind current is led in a direction parallel to the rotation axis of the fan. After installation, noise can be reduced by more than 15 dB. Coupled with the optimization of the internal structure of the fan, the frictional radiation noise of the airflow in the casing is further controlled and reduced.

FBD II fan adopts counter-rotating direct transmission, which reduces the guide vane device. While increasing the pressure of the fan, it also straightens out the direction of air flow and reduces the frictional sound of air. The internal structure is optimized to control the internal friction of the machine Radiated noise, the first unique structure design-the side inlet air silencer with national patent has been adopted to change the traditional axial air inlet method, effectively reducing the imported noise. Joint design and processing of special molds improve efficiency and reduce noise. The overall operating noise can be controlled below 90 decibels, and the ultra-low noise characteristics have a significant effect on changing the noise environment of the confined space downhole.

The application of FBD II flameproof pressure-injection axial flow local fans for mines can greatly improve the working environment of coal mine workers in underground mines.


Function and scope of application

FBD II flameproof pressure-injection axial flow local fans for mines is mainly used at coal mines and other industrial department transmits gas, coal dust and flammable gas. It is available for mine digging, building, partial ventilation and tunnel long-distance air supply in the fields of coal mine, metal mine, chemical mine and other mines.


Structure and shape

  1. FBD II Blower is made of Side inlet wind muffler, grade one fan, grade two fan, Explosion-proof motors and muffler.
  2. The body and structure is connected by steel plate soldering, motor and impeller is connected directly,  to ensure the solid transmission, tight structure, strong and sturdy, easy to operate and convenient to keep-up
  3. Motor is YBF3 series of three phases asynchronous motor for mines.
  4. Using outsourced multiple-type muffler, low noises.


Working principle

FBD fan consists of two working motors with relative rotation of two-stage impeller. The air enters the grade one impeller from the side wind and gains energy directly into the grade two impeller, supply out after pressure-boosting. The function of grade two impeller is not only to increase the air flow energy, but also behave as static guide vanes in other types of axial flow ventilation, while obtaining the velocity component of the straight and straight circumferential direction, it smoothes the impact of the airflow, increases the energy of the airflow, and reduces the noise.



1.high efficiency, FBD fan is well-designed with state-of-art technology, whose blade adopts the ternary fluid design, which is twisted wing. Large scope of high efficiency working area of fan makes working fan operate at high efficiency working range.

2. Low noises, FBD fan adopts counter-rotating direct transmission, reduces guide blades device, comparing with old version fan. It is increasing the fan pressure as well as smoothing the direction of air blow and decreasing the air friction. Enclosure adopts outsourcing double-type muffler, running noises can be controlled under 90decibel, with ultra-low noise characteristics, super good at changing noise environment of downhole constraint space. Our new developed Side-entry wind muffler significantly decreases the entry noise and reflected noise of fan by changing the pressing direction of air flow together with matching silencer. The entry noise of various models has been reduced by 15db-20db on the basis of the original models, obtaining the national patent.

3.Stable wind pressure, tiny surge phenomenon. It will operate smoothly in the area of high wind pressure and small flow, there is long distance of air supply in the underground with strong adaptability to complex roadways.

4.In order to increase the anti-corrosion, anti-wear ability, The company applies thermal spray process technology to fan manufacturing. According to the corrosive elements in the well, more than 20 different materials were prepared, and supersonic arc spraying and high-speed flame spraying were used to thermally spray the casing and blades. That strength the blades characteristic of anti-corrosion, anti-wear and long lifetime.

  Fan model description example
Ce Certified Axial Type Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation


The device performance curve of FBD mine isolated explosion type press-in axial flow local fan is in accordance with the standard web tube testing of intake testing device of GB/T1236-2000<testing methods of air performance for fan> implemented by national bureau of standards, and according to the gas temperature t = 20 degrees Celsius, density p = 1.2kg / m3, atmospheric pressure P = 101325pa performance curve drawn under standard conditions performance parameter table and device performance curve.


Before installation

  1. Check the cold insulation resistance of the motor stator winding, which must be greater than 50 megohms.
  2. Check if matched electrical appliance facility, voltage, capacity is sufficient to meet the requirement, make sure every aspect of protection are at good position.
  3. Motor is wired correctly as per instruction, wiring should be solid, and do a good job of insulating for each part.
  4. Check and make sure there is no loose at each joints, body without any damage or deformation during the transportation.


During installation

1.Due to the slight vibration of the fan, FBD type Fan can be directly placed on a level and level ground.

2.After the installation is completed, observe the test operation, and start the first and second test steering respectively. When the wind direction is consistent with the direction shown on the rotating sign, start the first normal operation and then start the second test operation. Pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as rubbing sound, current overload or severe vibration, etc., and it can be officially put into use after the operation is good.



The fan can run formally if there is no abnormal phenomenon during the trial operation. People are not allowed to stand at the entry of wind exit when the fan operates. If one of the following situations is found, emergency stop inspection should be performed, and it can be used only after the cause is found and repaired.

1)The fan or motor suddenly generates severe vibration. The cause of the failure may be due to the falling off of the counterweight of the fan impeller and the imbalance of the impeller, which needs to be re-weighted.

2)There is abnormal noise in the motor or the motor body. The fault may be caused by damage to the motor bearing. The bearing needs to be replaced.

3)The motor temperature or current suddenly rises and exceeds the rated value. The cause of the failure may be an increase in the load on the motor, which needs to be checked and analyzed on site.

In the above cases, professionals need to inspect the site, analyze the reasons, and take measures. Non-professionals must not move.



1)FBD type Fa n is generally designed as level installation, its lifetime is not less than 4 years,safe running time should not be less than 12000h before first amendment.

2) Check the tightness of each jointing nuts and bolts, as well as check if there is welding leakage at blades and other parts every 6 months when fan runs.

3) Please choose the motor products from same supplier if change the motor parts.

4) non-sealed bearing motor with oil filling hole need to be filled 25-30mg oil after half-a-year operation, and use ZL-3 Lithium grease.

5) Please see our instructions for use and maintenance of electrical appliances.

Ce Certified Axial Type Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation

Fan modelLL1L2D1D2D3ABC

Ce Certified Axial Type Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation
Fan modelLL1L2D1D2D3ABC
Ce Certified Axial Type Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation
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