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2022-09-16 22:17:40 By : Mr. James Zhang

There are four Waddle Dees to find in this level.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s levels have a ton of side objectives for you to complete. Throughout each level, you’ll be able to find hidden Waddle Dees, which you can rescue to populate Waddle Dee Town. 

There are four Waddle Dees for you to find in the game’s second level, Through the Tunnel. Here’s where to find each of them.

Early in the level, you should encounter a dome that you can use Mouthful Mode on. Suck up the dome, wiggle the left analog stick, and the top of the dome will pop right off. Inside will be a switch. Press it to open a door to a secret room on your left.

Inside this room, you’ll be attacked by four foxes. After you beat them, hit up the chest on the north wall of the room to rescue the first Waddle Dee.

Midway through the level, you’ll find a torch surrounded by three Gordos on a platform that constantly moves up and down. Just past the torch, to the right of the door leading to the next room, you’ll see both a pallet and an air duct that you can jump on to climb into a vent. 

Go to the other side of the vent and hit the bomb cube. The cubes below you will explode, revealing the second Waddle Dee.

After rescuing the second Waddle Dee, head to the next room, and you’ll discover a cannon. If you’re not already Fire Kirby, absorb one of the fire-type enemies around you. Then, light the cannon’s fuse, and book it over to the cannon before the fuse blows. 

The cannon will launch you upward. You’ll break some blocks on the way up, which will reveal a hidden tunnel that houses the third Waddle Dee.

After you rescue the third Waddle Dee, head into the next room and use Mouthful Mode on a large set of stairs. Then, while having control of the stairs, continue through the level as normal until you reach another cannon with an unlit fuse. Like the third Waddle Dee, you’ll have to light the fuse and jump in the cannon to reach this next Waddle Dee, and you’ll need to use the stairs to reach the cannon. Position the stairs to the right of the fuse; if you place them to the left, the stairs will cover the fuse, and prevent it from reaching the cannon.

Now, as Fire Kirby, simply light the fuse, use the stairs to reach the cannon, and hop in. Once you finish getting shot out of the cannon, you’ll find the final Waddle Dee in between two treasure chests.

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